Martin Luther School’s MLS STREAMS® curriculum surges ahead

This Fall, Martin Luther School (MLS) surges ahead with MLS STREAMS®, their comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond STEM and STEAM and is only at MLS.

MLS STREAMS® incorporates Science Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math and Service with the individualized attention for its students that MLS has become known for.

“Ask any MLS student or parent and they will tell you that the teachers in every part of their curriculum work hard to tailor learning to each and every student. They really know each one and want to help them be their best academically and socially,” stated MLS School Counselor, Mrs. Amy Lecakes.

“Not every child has an interest in or an aptitude to excel in every subject, but understanding them rounds out their education by letting them experience all the elements of our MLS STREAMS®curriculum, especially with the aid of our 1:1 iPad Learning program. Students collaborate and learn aspects of the MLS STREAMS®curriculum together and even discover new interests and skills they may not have without MLS STREAMS®”, she continued. “MLS STREAMS®brings everything together,” she noted.

“To take our individualized attention to a whole new level as students explore, learn and grow with our MLS STREAMS®curriculum, enter “Freckle,” the aid for each student to digest, practice, review and discover more about their subject matter at her or his own pace at home. “Freckle” even enhances MLS STREAMS® when a student needs to be challenged at an advanced level,” stated School Principal, Mrs. Donna Younghese, as MLS unveils its latest support for and enhancement of their unique MLS STREAMS® curriculum. “’Freckle” differentiates instruction by gearing itself to each individual student’s ability and learning level in every one of the MLS STREAMS®curriculum aspects. “Freckle” further helps to make sure that every child’s education here at MLS is comprehensive academically, technically developmentally, socially, and spiritually, as MLS STREAMS® is designed,” she went on adding that “’Freckle” is like having a tutor on call 24/7 for every MLS student at home!”

“Freckle” is another way we are continually raising the bar here at MLS,” stated Jim Regan, MLS Executive Director, who celebrates his 40th year at the school starting as a student. A member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Coach, Teacher and Administrator, Regan said he “loves the way MLS always challenges itself to evolve, improve, and develop better and better ways to prepare its students for college and for life in our diverse world.” As always, he invites “the folks in our community to come see what MLS is all about for themselves.”

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