The Home Care Agency that saves you money while preserving your Generational Wealth

For nearly two decades, Maspeth’s Beacon Eldercare has assisted families in the five boroughs and Nassau County in identifying the best course of action to take when a loved one is no longer able to care for themselves. Amid COVID-19, their services proved extremely vital to the Maspeth and surrounding Queens communities.

“The challenges brought on by COVID-19 reinforced how important family planning for sudden and unexpected illness is,” said Beacon Elder Care’s founder and CEO, Yvonne Murphy.

“We advise people that one medical event, like a cancer diagnosis for mom or dad, could bankrupt your family,” Murphy said. “The average cost of full-time home care is $12,000 per month. If you have long term care coverage, your insurance pays for it, but others will need Medicaid or private money because there is no insurance in place that will pay for around the clock custodial care.”

Murphy founded her healthcare assistance firm in 2006 after having watched her own mother struggle to find the resources she needed while dealing with a chronic condition. Having first entered the industry in 1995 working in major New York City hospitals, Murphy is now considered to be a “health care guru,” known for possessing a compass-like sense of direction while navigating home health care, long-term care, and generational wealth preservation options for families who are caring for elderly loved ones.

So, what happens when a loved one suddenly becomes ill and needs home care support?

Beacon Eldercare would then arrange home care through insurance coverage or live-in care through private pay. Beacon has a vast network of Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses that have a reputation of being compassionate, professional, and highly skilled

Yvonne and her team would provide a convenient in-home consultation, and will assist with services such as filing Medicaid applications, assisting with financial planning and household responsibilities, helping you understanding Medicare and HMO, navigating the nursing home or assisted living paperwork and application process, linking to community services and support groups, and more…

“The first step in this process is understanding the options available to you and your family,” Murphy said, while adding that her agency also provides services in a variety of elder issues, including helping families protect generational wealth.

“Part of the Beacon experience is how we guide families in protecting their generational wealth that they have worked hard to accumulate and preserve,” Murphy said. “If your parent is ill and they are a homeowner with $100,000 in the bank, he or she worked hard to pass that on to their children and grandchildren and even further down the line in some cases.” Beacon Eldercare takes pride in creating customized plans which enable families to protect their assets and generational wealth.

Prior to opening Beacon Eldercare’s headquarters in Maspeth, housed since 2017 at 69-23 Grand Avenue in Maspeth, Murphy held leadership positions in major hospitals, such as Mount Sinai Hospital, Queens Hospital, John T Mather Memorial Hospital and Monsignor Fitzpatrick Skilled Nursing Facility. She credits her two master’s degrees, vast experience, and dedicated staff with the growth of her company and the integral role Beacon has forged in the community.

“There is a lot of misinformation in the community regarding healthcare and our goal is to provide clarity to the hard-working families in our neighborhood,” Murphy said. “The earlier we plan to preserve your family’s wealth, the more security your family will have.”

Beacon Eldercare is located at 69-23 Grand Avenue in Maspeth and their phone number is 718.406.9500.

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