Pro Trump Rally Planned For Maspeth Square Saturday

A group of political supporters of the president, called “America First In Queens,” have obtained a sound permit from the 104th Precinct to hold a rally from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. in Maspeth Memorial Square at the corner of 69th Street at Grand Avenue.

Claiming they were inspired by President Trump and the ‘Maspeth Is America’ mural on the square, “What better place is there to hold a rally to support us as Americans, that we need to be united?” said event organizer, Tom Zmich.

Tom is from Bayside; however, he says there is a strong contingent in Maspeth that is part of this group that wants to unite in a positive way on Saturday.

Karina Moreno, who has lived in Maspeth for 17 years said, “The square in Maspeth is the perfect spot in Queens. Maspeth is America, and we all have to unite.”

Police won’t say whether they think the event will require more presence.

The sound permit for this Saturday, September 1st 10-4.
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7 thoughts on “Pro Trump Rally Planned For Maspeth Square Saturday

    1. Jonathan you really should get a grip on reality !!! Violence at any of these events ALWAYS comes from the Left !!! Antifa for example !!! Show me ONE example of hate at any of Trumps Rallies !!!!

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