Queensborough President looking for new Delegates onto for the 2021 Queens General Assembly – Application link here.

Queensborough Hall is the center of Queens and the BP is looking for new individuals for the General Assembly

Seeking high school teens, college students and young adults……

–  The Borough President’s Queens General Assembly is a “leadership enhancement” project.  It is a diverse network of community leaders and advocates who meet on a monthly basis for dialogues, discussions, and forums.  The members learn valuable facilitation skills, and they build relationships with each other to expand their own networks.  The Queens General Assembly is available as a resource, and the members stand in solidarity against bias and hate directed at any Queens communities.


–  You are eligible?

 If you live in Queens, show an interest in their community, and are eager to learn more about the diversity

 There are three main requirements:

1.       Attend all the monthly meetings in 2021 (currently held on Zoom)

2.       Help to plan and co-facilitate at least one monthly meeting and/or related forum

3.       Report back the takeaways from the meeting to a community group that they know



 Candidates are asked to complete a simple application.  Here is the link to the Google doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AIzdoPnGwtYDRMQLdPlL-ABKQUWmLyZbIbDfQNgNJA4/edit?usp=sharing

 If you have a candidate in mind, please have them complete the online application by Tuesday, January 19th.

 The first monthly meeting of 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday, January 26th @5:00 pm on Zoom.

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