Amazon Signs Super Lease in Maspeth

In 2016, the police department, through the city, put an application to Community Board 5 in Maspeth, looking to consolidate all storage warehouses into one 300,000 square foot facility, and they had found the place: The Star Corrugated Box Company warehouse on Grand Avenue and 55th Street in Maspeth.

According to police sources, they take in 500,000 pieces of goods to be stored every year.

They have to be stored somewhere.

Floods from Superstorm Sandy apparently compromised two warehouses in Brooklyn which use about 145,000 square feet. Everything from DNA evidence to crime scene objects seized are stored in these warehouses.

Now, Amazon has apparently inked a deal to take over the 7-acre property at 55-15 Grand Avenue, which is currently vacant.

Star Corrugated Box Company occupied this spot on Grand Avenue in Maspeth

The 1 million square foot, multi-story warehouse, which is reportedly intended to be a delivery station, is in addition to the lease to take over the ground floor of Metro Mall in Middle Village, where they have stated will have 70 vans in their fleet making deliveries daily.

Star Corrugated manufactured boxes and displays since its founding in 1925, through the mid 1980s, at which time they sold the building to The NYC Industrial Development Agency, which had Star make improvements and continue manufacturing and storing boxes and displays.

The company had some drama in in the early 2000s when truckers struck after layoffs. The company soon after stopped operating at the site.

The property was sold in 2018, and now it seems NYC might be looking at another spot to have their evidence warehouse.

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