DOT Takes Away Parking Spots, but PO Trucks OK With It

The DOT recently took 2 parking spots on 69 St. at 55th Avenue away for what is called ‘daylighting.”

Essentially it’s taking parking away from corners so that drivers coming out of side streets have a better view of approaching traffic, thus avoiding a collision.

Post office truck parking in DOT’s daylight program defeats its purpose. This is on 69th Street at 55th Avenue right across the street from the post office.


Makes sense. It is quite difficult to inch out into traffic on 69 St. because it’s so difficult to see vehicles going sort of fast northbound on 69 Street.

But it defeats the purpose if large Post Office trucks use the spots. In fact it is worse, because these trucks are so big and ‘boxy.’

This picture was taken just days after the ‘no standing signs’ were put up. Merchants on 69th Street are not really thrilled with losing parking spots and now motorists are worse-off.

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