George O’Neill Dies


ABOVE: George O’Neill with members of the NYPD Honor Legion at a 2014 holiday event.

George O’Neill, a pillar of the Maspeth Community, as long-time proprietor of O’Neills Restaurant on 65th Place at 53 Drive, passed away early this evening following a short illness. He returned to New York from his home in Florida this month is said to have been hospitalized the last week.

O’Neills first opened in 1933 and has been known for its philanthropic activities and a true reflection of life in Maspeth through George’s influence. There was rarely a time when George would shy away from hosting a fundraiser and the restaurant has remained true to the memory of many in Maspeth who perished in the 9/11 tragedy.

George O'NeillFollowing a fire in May of 2011 O’Neills rebuilt and has recently gotten overwhelming support from the community to expand with a second floor catering hall.

George O’Neill will be waked at Papavero Funeral Home on Saturday, July 21st from 5-9PM and Sunday, July 22nd from 2-5PM & 7-9PM. The funeral mass will be held on Monday, July 23rd at 10AM at Transfiguration Church.

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5 thoughts on “George O’Neill Dies

  1. I have to say…. I’m so sad to hear this. I know it sounds silly to be upset about a man you didn’t “personally” know , but I felt that we did. George sat outside that bar on the bench daily. He greeted everyone that walked passed with a smile. I know this bc I walked past O’neills daily to go to the park. Every single time we passed, we got a smile, and a “well
    Wish”. He would say “what beautiful children you have”… or “what well mannered children you have”(which I knew he was being polite, lol ). But the neighborly feeling was there daily! I conditioned my kids to look for him, and smile and wave. He was just so lovely. Something about him reminded me of my own “Poppy”. Probably just that “old man friendly Irish persona”. But what he did emphasize for me, was that he loved his neighborhood! And he reminded me that we STILL do have that “small town feel”! And THATS why I love Maspeth. Bc it DOES still exist. Just had to say it. May Mr. O’Neill RIP!

  2. I am so saddened by the loss of this beautiful man . His personal kindness to my family when we lost my son Matthew Barnes (firefighter) in 911 among many other times to many other people. God bless him. He sure has a place in heaven.

  3. Was always kind and welcoming to gatherings @ his restaurant. I worked for a neighborhood bank that he had business with & enjoy serving him.

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