Why Are Grand Avenue Barriers Gone?

When Angela Hurtado was killed on Grand Avenue off 69 Place four years ago, protective barriers were installed on Grand Avenue to discourage an illegal left turn from 69 Place onto Grand Avenue in front of Dollar Tree store.

For some strange reason they just disappeared this week. Automobiles have not made that left turn since they had been installed.
They should be put back.


UPDATE: 1PM Tuesday, May 29.

DOT says they will have a full update shortly, but we should know that they are working to have them reinstalled.


Maspeth Barriers removed

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4 thoughts on “Why Are Grand Avenue Barriers Gone?

  1. Saying that no car has made that left turn since they’ve been put up is not true. I’ve seen cars squeeze through the middle to make the left on Grand.

    Also, since they’ve been put up, there have been more u-turn’s made there than ever.

  2. We are sure you are right… There have been left turns there, but the barriers are certainly a deterrent…. no?
    Thanks for the comment….. If you happen to be there when someone is making a U turn there, send it to us and we will post it…….
    Thanks again.

    1. Illegal left turns and u-turns create dangerous situations for pedestrians on a very busy street. We need deterents implemented by DOT to safeguard our residents. Left open as is invites the opportunity for reckless driving with the possibility of death or injury once again. Back in 2014 Angela was crossing with the green light when she was stuck and killed. This situation is preventable and it would be unconscionable to do nothing.

  3. I notice that if someone is double parked in front of dollar tree waiting for a spot to open or if trucks are making a delivery, the bus cannot pass. Maybe the bus drivers asked that they be removed.

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