Martin Luther School partners with Apple to introduce 1:1 iPad Learning

At the start of this school year, every Martin Luther School student was given a brand new iPad to use as part of MLS’s new initiative; 1:1 iPad Learning.

Through this partnership with Apple, MLS students will also take these iPads home so they can do their homework, collaborate on group projects and delve into ideas to find out more about the subject matter they are studying, experientially.

“Colleges are increasingly emphasizing students’ digital literacy for admission. Our new 1:1 iPad Learning puts MLS students ahead of that curve. In partnership with Apple, MLS Faculty will undergo extensive and ongoing training to utilize Apple’s broad range of classroom teaching concepts, app’s and programs that will be the road map for students’ learning and bringing Martin Luther School’s new MLS STREAMS™ Program to life. Students will learn to code and be creative in new and unexpected ways even in technical subjects. Who knows? This may be where the next ‘cool’ app is developed someday!” beamed MLS Principal, Donna Younghese.

“By having an iPad programmed by teachers to use wherever they are, our students will be immersed in stream- lined lessons that integrate, and go far beyond, the facets of traditional teaching and learning such as listening to lectures, taking notes, reading textbooks & handouts, and then putting all these together at test time,” stated Younghese.

She went on to say that “By capitalizing on the ‘tech comfort’ of our current generation of students, their learning process will be more multi-dimensional and rigorous as teachers unleash students’ imaginations to explore facets of subjects that interest them most. In other words, 1:1 iPad Learning allows us to teach their way, to prepare them for college and career. It’s really exciting!” Younghese exclaimed and added “1:1 iPad Learning takes the individual attention that MLS is known for to a new level. It’s another example of how our small size enables us to focus on helping each student to be her/his best.”

“Students now are accustomed to finding anything they want to know about all in one place: their devices. This fall our classrooms and lessons will be in total sync with that,” added Ann Boyle, MLS Assistant Principal. “With the augmented reality of 1:1 iPad Learning, students can digitally dissect a frog or explore a river civilization on top of their desks. This innovative technology places interactive digital architecture and objects right in front of them and teachers can incorporate intuitive, user-friendly applications to further strengthen student learning, too,” added MLS Faculty member Matt Stephens, who will head up the project.

MLS Executive Director, James R. Regan, was matter-of-fact about what he calls “the obvious benefits of 1:1 iPad Learning” when he stated, “Students have already developed digital skills before they enter MLS. 1:1 iPad Learning taps into their skills and incorporates them into an academic and professional environment. iPads are essentially high-powered computers with touch functionality, which is why using them is intuitive, easy and so natural for our students. Our responsibility as educators, dedicated to each one of our students’ successful learning, is to find the best and proven ways of teaching to make that happen. 1:1 iPad Learning is just that and is a particularly timely new initiative for MLS as we go beyond STEM to our new MLS STREAMS™ curriculum (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math and Service) this fall,” he said.”

And MLS STREAMS™ is only at MLS,” Regan noted.

“Research has shown that 1:1 devices (iPads in particular) have a positive effect on the development of students’ literacy and numeracy. Our students will be eager to dive into 1:1 iPad Learning!” Younghese declared as she invited everyone to “Book at Tour this fall to see 1:1 iPad Learning for yourselves.”

“Every child is born full of creativity. Nurturing it is one of the most important things educators do. Creativity makes your students better communicators and problem solvers. It prepares them to thrive in today’s world — and to shape tomorrow’s,” said a spokesperson from Apple. “For 40 years, Apple has helped teachers unleash the creative potential in every student. And today, we do that in more ways than ever. Not only with powerful products, but also with tools, inspiration, and curricula to help you create magical learning experiences,” they added.

Martin Luther School is located at 60-02 Maspeth Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378. They can be reached via phone at (718) 894-4000.

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