The Camera Store is solving problems for photographers and videographers in Queens


Buying a camera or video equipment online and know what you need? Great – The Blattworld Camera Store has a huge selection of competitively priced new and used photo products online.

New to the photography / videography game and want to actually test out a camera & other products in-store? Looking for something retro, or want a professional opinion?

Enter, The Camera Store.


1When a customer walks into BlattWorld, located at 60-18 Fresh Pond Road on the Maspeth / Ridgewood border, he or she is surrounded by a sea of cameras, equipment, cases and other technology.

With walk-in camera stores declining because of e-commerce, Robert Blatt’s company, The Camera Store, is thriving due to hands-on purchasing and knowledgeable management.

“Actually, for the consumer it’s even better. On the Internet, you don’t see what you’re getting. Here, you can come in and buy the same thing and you can walk out with it,” Blatt told The Maspeth Blog.

Owner Robert Blatt takes pride in the wide selection of items his store offers, ranging from special collector’s items to 100-year-old cameras and newer gadgets. He also has a camera repair service in Maspeth, Queens that is top-notch, according to the community. He has darkroom equipment, filters, lenses, gaming printers, panoramic cameras, voice recorders, binoculars, telescopes, and so much more.

BlattWorld, which started in Williamsburg back in 2000, now does most of its business on the Internet.

“It’s still competitive pricing worldwide because we ship all around the world,” Blatt said. BlattWorld sells on its website, advertises on social media and thrives on Ebay sales.

Despite his store’s online presence, Blatt said he would still like to have more foot traffic inside his shop. BlattWorld isn’t located on the “retail end” of Fresh Pond Road, he said, and it’s become worse since the Staples nearby closed.

“We are trying to give the same opportunity to people to buy and come in and see the merchandise,” Blatt said.

Blatt said the more that customers buy over the Internet, the harder it is for stores to stay alive. That’s why he’s leveraging multiple avenues to reach out to customers.

Looking forward, Blatt said he intends to have more business and better deals for his customers. “We have tremendous amounts of different hard-to-get items, regular items,” he said. “If we don’t have it, we can always get it for them at the right price.”

Blatt’s ‘The Camera Store’ can be reached at 855-267-4700.

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2 thoughts on “The Camera Store is solving problems for photographers and videographers in Queens

  1. Wouldn’t recommend that store. They lied to me about the condition of the camera sold (never bothered checking it, sold as fully-working). Never sent refund, never even attempted to right the matter.

    1. Clarification: the camera had a whole number of issues, including detached, dangling rangefinder mirror, serious unifiable issues in the lens.

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