Vision Zero enforcement initiative coming to Maspeth

All next week, the NYPD 104th Precinct will be holding a vision zero program that will provide motorists with educational materials to help explain vision zero. The program also includes an enforcement portion that will target various hazardous violations that contribute to death and injury of New Yorkers.

The first portion of the program, the education aspect, will take place at the intersections of Fresh Pond Road and Metropolitan Avenue, 69th Street and Grand Avenue, Woodhaven Boulevard and Cooper Avenue, Maurice Avenue and Borden Avenue and more unnamed locations.

The purpose of the educational message is to explain to residents the three E’s: education, engineering and enforcement.

Secondly, police will hold targeted enforcements looking for violations that include: speeding, improper turns, operating a vehicle while on the phone or texting and failure to yield to pedestrians (If a pedestrian is anywhere in the crosswalk/street you must yield until they are completely out of the street).