3 Sons Restaurant offering complimentary wine & rose on Valentine’s Day

3sons_Valentines_2018This Valentine’s Day (Wednesday, February 14th), couples who dine in at 3 Sons in Maspeth will receive a rose and complimentary glasses of wine with their dinner.

So, load two arrows onto one bow – cupid’s bow that is, and capture her heart with dinner and a beautiful red rose.

“Each Valentine’s day, many couples celebrate their love at 3 Sons. We have been in the community so long, and many couples remember coming here together when they were younger,” said Tommaso Izzo, owner of 3 Sons.

3 Sons’ has been a highly valued establishment in Maspeth for over 40 years. The community loves their homemade style italian food and intimate setting.

The private atmosphere, lightly dimmed setting makes for a romantic dinner at 3 Sons – located at 57-29 61st St. in Maspeth.

Call (718) 821-5707 to make a reservation.


Martin Luther School highlights it’s ‘Shining Stars’

Teachers, students, and faculty all play a major role in the culture of each and every high school.

“It is the chemistry between staff and students that separates some schools from others; and Martin Luther school takes pride in the positive chemistry that exists between the student body and it’s faculty,” said Amanda Slinger, Martin Luther School’s Director of Admissions.

Below are three members of the Martin Luther School Family whom have recently shined through grades, attitude, or extracurricular activity:

Dylan Y.Dylan Younghese
Year of Graduation/Current Year (past or expected):
Middle School
City of residence:
Maspeth, NY
Favorite subject & favorite teacher:
Physical Education & Science
Memories of MLS / Current experiences that are most memorable:
Laughing with teachers and friends

Lessons learned at MLS that have helped you grow:
To try new things


AlyssaEileen Maguire
Year of Graduation/Current Year (past or expected):
9th grade
City of residence
Maspeth, NY
Favorite subject & favorite teacher:
Mr. Ciccione and Mandain
Memories of MLS / Current experiences that are most memorable:
Loving all of the new opportunities and people
Lessons learned at MLS that have helped you grow:
Getting to know new people in a new place


PapatsosMs. Papatsos
Current Position at MLS:
Teaches Modern World History, U.S. History, U.S. Honors, and Economics
City of residence
From Baldwin, NY

Memories of MLS / Current experiences that are most memorable:
– Judging the talent show every year
– Decorating her classroom – this year her classroom is decorated into the four
Harry Potter houses
– Finding out how enthusiastic students are to be a part of something fun
College / University attended:
– Iona College
Favorite Things About Students and Staff
– Students : make me laugh and always teaching me new things, even slang
words all the kids are using now
– Staff: everyone is incredibly kind, we’re all always helping each other out, we
make sure everyone is okay – kind of like a family relationship
Lessons learned at MLS that have helped you grow:
– Respect gets respect – always be a kind person, a respectful person, and people
will show it bac to you especially students

Distinguished Martin Luther School alum, David Daraio, reflects on his high school experience

unnamedMeet David Daraio, MLS class of ‘94, and current Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Maspeth Federal Savings

David is a Maspeth native and has lived here for 30 years. A successful and passionate MLS grad, he stays in touch with fellow alums on social media and gets together with others regularly. David went from Teller to Senior Vice President & COO starting just 3 weeks after graduating from MLS and while starting college. He visits MLS often and enthusiastically participates in MLS Career Day.


Q: What’s your favorite MLS memory, David?

David: “How the teachers cared about every student and the 1:1 help they gave when they saw a student start to veer off track. The teachers always cared about every student’s progress – always.”

Q: Did you have a favorite teacher?

David: “Definitely Mr. Schultz – creator of the Chess Tournament that he did annually. We had a lot of good times.” [David won several times; the last year he only played the winner instead of going through the whole tournament.]

Q: How about sports at MLS?

David: “I always had a good time with intramural sports” [His class was good at hockey and, in his last year, they started an intramural basketball team]. “Even though we weren’t great, we had a good run at
the faculty,” he quickly added.

Q: Why did you choose MLS, David?

David: “Because of MLS’s small size. The personal touch and bonds of friendship that faculty and students experience, because it’s small and everyone knows each other. This can’t be replicated in other schools. The students’ experience is full because they don’t get lost in the crowd.”

Q: Advice for current MLS students?

David: “High School is some of the most exciting years of your life – a springboard to college and building toward a career, so take every opportunity MLS offers – soak it in!” David said he had a good time at
Martin Luther School, but “I learned a lot. MLS gave me a good sense of what my next steps would be after MLS, ” he emphasized.

Q: Now how about some advice for MLS students applying to college?

David: “Finding what you want to do as a career isn’t easy, so stay flexible. The school gave me good advice and I followed it, because I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to take at first. Looking back, I
wish I stayed flexible in college in picking my major. Make sure the college you choose fits your choice of major.”

Q: Anything else you want to add for a family looking for a new school?

David: “I recommend MLS because the personal touch students and parents get from the staff is better than anywhere else. The small classes enable the faculty to develop each individual student’s skill set

Q: Any parting thoughts?

David: “I am proud to be an MLS Alum. Even though there have been a lot of great changes over the years – some of the most special and amazing things about MLS have stayed the same,” he fondly added.

Meet the new head boys varsity basketball coach at Maspeth High School

Dan Franchese is the new boys head varsity basketball coach at Maspeth High School. He is replacing former coach Anastasia Bitis, who was recently tapped to coach the York College women’s basketball team.

IMG_9412As the head jv coach and assistant varsity coach for the past 3 years, Franchese has been a vital piece of the winning culture that the Maspeth High School basketball program is known for.

Franchese posted a 16-4 record with his jv team last year, and plans to keep the same consistent winning attitude gonig into the 2017-2018 varsity season.

“Intense focus, family atmosphere, and a positive mindset are the pillars of the winning culture that coach Bitis & I have built over the past few years,” said Franchese.

“We have intense practices and everyone in our program buys in to the system and ‘the process’ of what we’re trying to accomplish,” added Franchese.

Throughout the past 4 years, Franchese has coached most of the boys in the program. He has helped developed the now seniors, and after last year’s season, he helped send 3 graduates to play basketball at the next level.

Nathaniel Nickel is a freshman at SUNY Cobleskill, Derian Puente is a freshman at York College, and Tamer Tamer is a Redshirt Freshman at Lycoming College.

“Franchese is a great coach and an even better person,” said John Sanchez, the varsity coach at Martin Luther High School. “He sent three graduates from last year’s program to play basketball at the college level, so it’s obvious that he knows how to develop college level players.” “I look forward to our December 3rd matchup at MLS,” added Sanchez.

Maspeth High School competes in the PSAL B division. They play opponents such as Academy of American Studies, Eagly Academy III, Martin Luther School (non-league), and McClancy (non-league).

Stay tuned for the posting of their 2017-2018 regular season schedule.

The Camera Store is solving problems for photographers and videographers in Queens


Buying a camera or video equipment online and know what you need? Great – The Blattworld Camera Store has a huge selection of competitively priced new and used photo products online.

New to the photography / videography game and want to actually test out a camera & other products in-store? Looking for something retro, or want a professional opinion?

Enter, The Camera Store.


1When a customer walks into BlattWorld, located at 60-18 Fresh Pond Road on the Maspeth / Ridgewood border, he or she is surrounded by a sea of cameras, equipment, cases and other technology.

With walk-in camera stores declining because of e-commerce, Robert Blatt’s company, The Camera Store, is thriving due to hands-on purchasing and knowledgeable management.

“Actually, for the consumer it’s even better. On the Internet, you don’t see what you’re getting. Here, you can come in and buy the same thing and you can walk out with it,” Blatt told The Maspeth Blog.

Owner Robert Blatt takes pride in the wide selection of items his store offers, ranging from special collector’s items to 100-year-old cameras and newer gadgets. He also has a camera repair service in Maspeth, Queens that is top-notch, according to the community. He has darkroom equipment, filters, lenses, gaming printers, panoramic cameras, voice recorders, binoculars, telescopes, and so much more.

BlattWorld, which started in Williamsburg back in 2000, now does most of its business on the Internet.

“It’s still competitive pricing worldwide because we ship all around the world,” Blatt said. BlattWorld sells on its website, advertises on social media and thrives on Ebay sales.

Despite his store’s online presence, Blatt said he would still like to have more foot traffic inside his shop. BlattWorld isn’t located on the “retail end” of Fresh Pond Road, he said, and it’s become worse since the Staples nearby closed.

“We are trying to give the same opportunity to people to buy and come in and see the merchandise,” Blatt said.

Blatt said the more that customers buy over the Internet, the harder it is for stores to stay alive. That’s why he’s leveraging multiple avenues to reach out to customers.

Looking forward, Blatt said he intends to have more business and better deals for his customers. “We have tremendous amounts of different hard-to-get items, regular items,” he said. “If we don’t have it, we can always get it for them at the right price.”

Blatt’s ‘The Camera Store’ can be reached at 855-267-4700.

What’s it like in that big restaurant on the corner of 58th st.? We have your answer…

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 2.46.40 PMMany travel past the big restaurant on the corner of 58th street and BQE Service Road Eastbound, and wonder, “what’s it like in there?”.

The Maspeth Blog has your answer…

Andres Carne de Tres at 51-05 58th street, was established in 2007, and the family-oriented Colombian restaurant has earned its place as a great spot to grab a bite to eat or host a party in Queens.


c700x420The food served at Andres is mainly Colombian but also draws culinary inspiration from several other countries. From paella to skirt steak, Andres has a number of dishes to satisfy any hungry patron.

Parents looking for a place to bring the kids? Andres Carne de Tres is kid-friendly! On Saturday’s and Sunday’s kids eat free from 12-5 with an adult meal purchase.



1345556550773In addition to being a steakhouse, Andres Carne de Tres acts as a nightclub after 10 pm featuring a local DJs and Barranquilla Carnivals.

For over six years now, Andres Carne De Tres has been the host of over 30,000 parties for adults and children alike.

Andres Carne de Tres can also be an event space for corporate events with a party room at 100 person capacity.


maxresdefaultThis restaurant is awesome for a meal or a party!

Call 718-205-7773 to make a reservation or visit online at www.andresny.com.






These two Maspeth eateries are offering 10% – 15% OFF



Fame AD Coupon for 10% OFF

  1. Fame Diner | 6967 Grand Ave, Maspeth, NY 11378

The famous “fame” diner is offering patrons 10% OFF their meal when you show the AD coupon pictured left.

“We have been serving Maspeth since 1983, and it is our honor & pleasure to serve the great community of Queens,” said John, owner of Fame.

Fame’s hours are Monday – Saturday 6AM – 11PM and Sunday 6AM – 10PM.

Order online here or call (718) 478-4674 to order for delivery.







Home Made Taqueira AD Coupon for 15% OFF

2. Home Made Taqueira | 71-3 Grand Ave, Maspeth, NY 11378

Phone: (718) 779-0771

Home Made Taqueira, specializing in authentic Mexican food, is offering patrons 15% OFF their meal when you show the AD coupon pictured left.

“We love our Maspeth location. The residents of Maspeth are great people, and it is our pleasure to give the community fresh, tasty mexican specialty food ,” said Joaquin, owner of Home Made Taqueira.

Home Made Taqueira’s hours are Sunday – Thursday 11AM – 10PM and Friday – Saturday 11AM – 11PM.

Order online here or call (718) 779-0771 to order for delivery.