Update: Robber Hits Maspeth Bank & Spends the $$ on Grand Avenue

A Staten Island man was caught on Tuesday following a robbery at the Chase Bank at 66-02 Grand Ave. on the corner of Hamilton Place in Maspeth.

After responding to a 911 call at 3:25 p.m. that a man robbed the bank, police responded to the scene and later caught up with  56-year-old Jimmie Knight just up the street from the bank with $2,000.

According to police, Knight took the money just a block away to a jewelry store and spent $1,150 on jewelry. The store owner, who asked not to be identified, said he didn’t think anything was wrong, nor did he say that the guy look or act suspicious at all. “He bought a few rings and necklaces,” he said. “He actually got a good buy!”

According to reports, the unarmed Knight simulated a gun in his jacket pocket and told the Chase bank teller to hand over the money, but when they refused he yelled out louder and created a scene.

“They laughed at him at first because they thought he was kidding,” said Captain Christopher Manson, from the 14 Pct..

After speaking with witnesses, officers soon stopped a man fitting Knight’s description near the intersection of 64th Street and Grand Avenue.

When he asked the culprit why he robbed the bank, Manson recalled Knight told him, “I wanted the money.”

Knight had prior arrests and previously spent eight years upstate for bank robbery.

“So I said, ‘you’re going back to jail,’” Manson responded.

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