Photo Reveals Decades-Long Principe / Maurice Park Flooding Answer

Anyone who has played ball in the soft fields of Maurice Park (now Principe Park) since the early 1960s, knows that after it rained, the western part of the ballfileds were under water, sometimes as deep as three feet. This year, following another multimillion dollar renovation of the fields, there was still flooding in the southwest corner of the park. Water would protrude 30 feet, as noted last month after a rainstorm.

The flood on September 18th.

Thankfully, after a good bit of pressure (some coming from this blog), work on the sewer line has been done and these exclusive pictures, taken last night reveal (at least to us) that a pipe that is quite small in diameter might just be the culprit. These two photos show a rather small pipe feeding into a larger diameter pipe. A novice plumber we spoke with said the size of the pipe was too small. “What were they thinking?”

This photo was taken last night. This pipe in in a hole a few feet from the fence in the southwest corner of the ball fields.
The top of the photo shows a rather small pipe huh?

It appears from these pictures that the pipe fitting are old, but not five decades old.

This is the pipe out of a drain…. It’s connected to the fitting above.

Well, according to a bystander who called us at 11:45 this morning from the scene, it seems there is a real possibility the problem might have been fixed.

He reported no flooding in that corner. Since it has rained quite a bit today, he might be right. A decades old problem solved by using a bigger pipe….?

We’ll see. We certainly hope so.

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