Tuesday Ballot Proposals Are a Mix

Ugh! What’s on those ballot proposals?
Our Maspeth neighborhood has been struggling with the notion of mayoral control and civic engagement for decades. After witnessing how this mayor looks to impose his will without taking into consideration sensible solutions by community members it’s difficult to support any of his ballot proposals, especially those which give him more power. Maspeth civic and community board leaders worked to help with problems like homelessness, park space and policing, but the Mayor and his administration just shunned us. Maspeth protesters and leaders did not want to house the homeless in a ‘homeless-depot’ typer shelter – with hundreds of people. They wanted smaller, more manageable shelters where it would be less impactful to the community and yet, better for the homeless – not living in a warehouse type setting.
Residents with historical knowledge know what’s best for our neighborhood.
More mayoral control over how our civic leaders look is dangerous.

The Queens Ledger (a 140-year-old weekly news organization, which is affiliated with this blog) posted their brief thoughts on your ballot proposals at the voting booth tomorrow. #1, #2 and #3 …. YES, NO and NO

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