Parks Department ‘Miscalculation’ makes Principe Park (formerly Maurice Park) Flooding a Reality Again

According to a statement by Steven Fiedler, chairman of the community board’s parks committee, at last week’s community board meeting, the Parks Department engineers ‘miscalculated’ the amount of rain that would flood the western end of the ball fields at the brand new $7 million baseball and soccer field renovations at the Maspeth park.

We were told (off the record) that they might look to fix the problem by putting in a bigger drain line from the park to the main line. So now the sidewalk and street might be torn up.

Note: 30% of the $8 million project goes to the design of Parks Department projects. 30% of 7 million is $2.1 million.

You would think for $2.1 million, a miscalculation like this could be avoided?

Just ask the hundreds of people who live near the park – they would tell you – “whatever size drain you were thinking, double it, because it has flooded after every rain since 1965.”

This picture was taken on September 18th. Principe Park renovation is a mess.






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2 thoughts on “Parks Department ‘Miscalculation’ makes Principe Park (formerly Maurice Park) Flooding a Reality Again

  1. Why was Maurice Park renamed?? It’s literally on Maurice Avenue and it’s had the same name since its inception…who changed its name and why? I know this has nothing to do with the flooding, but just curious as a person born & raised in Maspeth…but I haven’t lived there in a few years, and did not know Maurice Park had a name change! As for the flooding, that’s been going on forever in that area too, but this time, it shouldn’t be happening to a brand new park!! The engineers really dropped the ball on that one!!

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