O’Neills Expansion Gets Nod From CB5 Land Use Committee

Conditions, Conditions, Conditions…

After three meetings, at which dozens of Maspeth Plateau residents attended, the Zoning and Land Use Committee at Community Board #5 gave O’Neills some good news last night at their committee meeting.

Their zoning change and expansion to have a 140-seat catering hall on the 2nd floor will get to the floor of the community board with unanimous support from the Zoning Committee.

The community board’s monthly meeting is next Wednesday, May 16th at 7:30 at Christ the King HS in Middle Village. But there will be conditions, which if not met, will not allow O’Neills to expand.

There are typically about 100 people in the room for the community board meeting and we will (of course) have some coverage of the results for this important issue for future of the Maspeth Plateau.

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The meeting on Monday night was mostly civil. The  committee of nine heard testimony from people who were against the proposal and people who were in favor of the rezoning and expansion of this restaurant.

It seemed that the properties around O’Neills were supportive, but a petition from those not in favor of the zoning change signed by more than 200 people was thrown into the mix on Monday, and was front-and-center in the discussion.

There was also a letter of opinion from a Whitestone resident, Paul Graziano, who says he was hired by some in the community to view this expansion. He was against the expansion.

The board also received personal letters from two dozen individuals who were in favor of the expansion, as well as a petition in favor of the zoning change allowing a second-floor commercial use expansion, from more than 200 people.

The two conditions the committee has put on the applicant is that they must get some parking lots in the area to agree to park cars there and to somehow legally agree that they can’t ever build higher than the second story.

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