O’Neills Looks To Expand for 2nd floor catering

The historic Maspeth restaurant, O’Neills, located on 65th Place at 53rd Drive is planning to add a 140 seat catering room on a newly designed second floor.

O'Neills in Maspeth plans a second floor expansion.
O’Neills in Maspeth plans a second floor expansion.


They will present a plan, which asks for a change in zoning, to the community board Wednesday, April 11th at 7:30 PM. The Community Board meeting is to be held in the cafeteria at Christ the King in Middle Village.
The meeting is open to the public. If approved, the catering hall could be completed by Fall of 2020.
One of the more complicated elements of the project is that since the restaurant and some of the adjacent buildings were built and used as commercial establishments even before zoning was commenced in the early 1960’s, the zone needs to be updated to reflect the use there now.

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One thought on “O’Neills Looks To Expand for 2nd floor catering

  1. While I understand that most opposition lies with the problematic parking situation that has plagued Maspeth since the end of the Second World War; progress can not be hindered nor deterred by such obstacles. Valet parking, given some creativity; which may involve investing in a vacant land parcel, could allow for a mutually satisfactory solution. Furthermore, given the generous spirit of the O’Neill family, the sheer convenience of such a facility will no doubt provide ample parking for residents as well. O’Neill’s is not some gin mill; it is rich in tradition and has been highly rivered as The Place to Celebrate our most important milestones. Please take into account how many special occasions you personally attended at O’Neill’s; whether as a guest or the celebrant. Vote Wisely,

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