Blue Bloods film shoot taking over Maspeth Avenue Thursday … ALL DAY and NIGHT!

The show ‘Blue Bloods’ will shoot inside and outside 56-01 Maspeth Avenue Thursday so parking will be scarce between 7am and 11pm. Police cars, ambulances and shooting as well as a chase scene is part of the action.

They are taking up parking on Page Place between Masepth Avenue and Grand Avenue. Also 56 Road between 49 St. & 56 Drive. Also Rust Street at 56 Drive.

In the morning shoot 2 detectives are sitting in a surveillance van parked in parking lot next to the warehouse.

In the afternoon shoot they will be working inside. Then later in the afternoon into the evening they will be shooting multiple scenes where police storm a warehouse and a shootout occurs. Paramedics rush into warehouse as detectives continue to pursue the criminals.

So there will be shots fired…… don’t be alarmed.

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