Life-Size BQX Prototype Unveiled

Today, November 13th, the prototype of a new potential method of transportation connecting Brooklyn and Queens was revealed. The model BQX was unveiled at the New Lab technology space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The line would run 14 miles along the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront from Astoria to Sunset Park.

Executive Director of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector, Ya-Ting Liu advocated for the new line saying, “…now is the moment to move forward with this transformative project to connect hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, including over 40,000 public housing residents, to jobs, education, healthcare and recreation along the route.”  

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams believes this train will solve the lack of interconnectedness between the two areas. “Everyone is on board, for the most part, with the concept that we need better transportation from waterfront to inland.”

Despite these benefits, some concerns among residents still exist. The fact that the train would not be connected to the MTA and would therefore require its own fare was one of the concerns. The project could be completed as early as 2024.

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