Were You a Fan of the Mets in ’86?

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Who wasn’t a fan of the Mets in 1986? No true New Yorker will ever forget the ’86 Mets World Series. It was such a great accomplishment for not only the Mets, but for everyone living in the city. I am writing a detailed ‘throwback’ story about this significant event in sports history. If anyone is willing to speak to me about memories of being at the game, seeing the players pre or post game, or really any memorable story from that unforgettable day, please contact me via email @ akatcher@queensledger.com. After this we can schedule to speak on the phone, or in person. If desired, the storyteller┬ácan remain anonymous, I am truly just looking for some great content.

By: Angelica Katcher

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    1. Hi Debby!
      This is Angelica. I am sorry to have seen your reply so much later than when you wrote it. I am finishing up my article and would love to get some insight from you. If possible, please give me your phone number so I could contact you further about this and just find out a little bit more abou the game. PLeas get back to me soon! Thanks!
      Angelica Katcher
      Editorial Intern

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