Martin Luther graduates sign with D2, D3 & prep school basketball programs

Three boys from Martin Luther School have committed to play basketball at the next level.

“The opportunity to play basketball at the college level does not come easy. It takes time, hard work, and dedication throughout elementary, middle, and high school,” said MLS Principal, Jim Regan.

Young boys & girls who are serious about their future in the game must work tirelessly to hone their craft, improve their athleticism, and refine their IQ on and off the court. We congratulate our student athletes for representing the MLS basketball program with great pride,” said MLS Executive Director, Randy Gast.


mlsblogstoryTaylor Huyghue (middle) is heading to Paul Smith College, a Division 2 program in Upstate NY.

Cristian Reyes (left) will be attending Mt. Saint Vincent College, a Division 3 program in the Bronx, NY.

Kumar Lewis (right) will be heading to Knox National Prep School in Jamestown, NY.

The three guards were starters on Martin Luther’s Varsity basketball team coached by John Sanchez. Lewis averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds, Huyghue averaged 15 points and 5 assists, and Reyes averaged 13 points and 3 steals during the 2016-2017 season.


crislayupWhen asked about his experience in the MLS basketball program, Reyes said, “Martin Luther helped me develop myself better as a player. I’m a completely different player now compared to when I came in. Both physically and mentally. I grew and developed exponentially between my first and second (last) year, I learned and bettered my IQ a lot under Coach Sanchez.”


When asked about his experience at MLS, and his future at Paul Smith, Huyghue had this to say:

taydrive“Martin Luther was such a great experience for me. Coach Sanchez and the teachers really believed in me and gave me the tools i needed to become a great student athlete. At MLS, you truly become part of a family. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to end my high school career. I expect Paul smith to help me to continue developing as a player and as a young man. Coach Sanchez always told me that if I work hard and continue to listen and learn, there is no telling where this game will take me. His advice got me a scholarship to Paul Smith College, and he taught me lessons that I will never forget.”

MLS plays in the PSAA. During the season, MLS plays conference games vs. The Kew-Forest School, Bay Ridge Prep, Avenues,  rivals such as Lawrence Woodmere Academy, a team with a starting center who is receiving offers from high D1 programs. Their non-conference schedule consisted of games against Maspeth high school, Cathedral Prep., Columbia Prep., Metropolitan high school. Next year MLS will square off with McClancy HS early in the season on November 20th at McClancy in Jackson Heights.

kumarshotweb“I am very proud of these three young student athletes. Not just for their commitment to play at the next level, but for their commitment to working hard, and being professional on and off the court,” said coach Sanchez. “Being recognized and offered by an athletic program at the next level is a result of many efforts. The efforts of the student athlete, his or her parents, his or her coaches, and his or her teachers. Playing basketball is the easy part. Studying, completing homework, being on time, communicating in a professional manner, respecting others at all times, displaying positive body language, etc…; these are things that must be practiced by all student athletes if they wish to be given the opportunity to be a student athlete at the next level,” said Sanchez

If you want to learn more about the MLS basketball program, you can email coach John Sanchez at

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