3 Sons Pizza’s Tommaso & Danny invites you to try their unique, creative slices


3 Sons Pizzeria, a top pizzeria / restaurant in Maspeth, makes fresh, hot pizza all day, every day.

Friday, however, Danny (a.k.a. Chico) makes his famous unique, creative slices that have the community buzzing.


IMG_4011“Come here scooch, try this chicken and ravioli slice,” Tommaso greeted me as I walked into 3 Sons pizzeria.

It was awesome. Big ravioli and crispy chicken with cheese on top of a warm crispy crust. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I also tried the Barbecue chicken slice. Warm chunks of barbecued chicken with barbecue sauce on a warm doughy crust.

Visit 3 Sons at 57-29 61st St in Maspeth, or call (718) 821-5707 for delivery.

IMG_4007 IMG_4008 IMG_4009
IMG_4010 IMG_4012



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